Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thank You,

I just wanted to take a moment to extend a great big "Thank You!" to the folks at Railbricks for featuring my 'empire'! I have always loved their site and was astonished to discover that they were the source of much of my new traffic. And, if you happen to be unfamiliar with, please visit them today.


  1. Very interesting!

    I plan to do something similar things in my garden. =)

    Do you glue your bricks and do you have some UV-resistant color or varnisch to protect them from the sun?


  2. Thanks Johan,

    My UV secret is a full canopy of trees! The layout remains in almost total shade at all times so I was able to work around that concern.

  3. That's a clever trick. I'm soon moving to a much bigger flat where I'm planning to have my Lego in the northern end of the living room, where there's a large bay window. It should only be possible for the sun to shine in from the sides in the morning and evening, depending also on the surrounding buildings, but even so it might end up reaching my precious bricks. I'll learn from you and fill the windows with plants. (Not that I wouldn't have anyway, but now it's for an *important reason*.)

  4. Thanks Timmy!

    So, thats a pretty good solving! =)

    Do you use some glue or something?

    Best Regards