Sunday, July 18, 2010

Armchair engineer...

Between a hectic schedule and a two week long record hot spell, my outdoor Lego activities - and by extension this blog - have languished! While I wanted to relate an observations about RC/PF operations, I was loathe to post sans some new eye candy! Thus the accompanying shot of my Greatrix inspired intermodal flats.

I posit an observation that is undoubtedly common knowledge to anyone who has built more than a few Lego layouts, but since this is my first graduation from the family card table it was a hard lesson for me: Dog-bone loops in Lego cause a disagreeable change in train speed! This was something I never encountered with the more "prototypical" geometries and performance of HO scale trains. If and when I rebuild my outdoor empire, I will be going with more of an oval design to keep the extent of individual curves to a minimum.

BTW, I want to pass along a great site covering prototype motive power: - Be sure to check it out!

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  1. That railcolor site looks good, not seen that before