Saturday, May 8, 2010

Well here we go...

I'm not a gardener or a garden railroader.

I'm just blessed with a house that's too darn small (700 sq ft) to run my L-Gauge trains in my house without forcing them into uneasy competition with my wife and daughter. Therefore the move outside became a matter of necessity rather than choice if I ever want to see my trains run a circuit larger than a card table. Add to these constraints the fact that I have always found the effect of lego models set alongside rough organic elements to be quite pleasing.

If Google is any indication, there are very few enthusiasts who have taken to the great outdoors with their MOCs in any permanent way - though Legoland paved the way years ago. This blog will showcase the development of my petty empire from sketch to physical form. I hope you enjoy my work and find inspiration in my efforts.

There is nothing so sad as a Lego train collecting dust on a bookshelf. Cheers!

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