Monday, May 10, 2010

Construction: Phase One, Day One

All anticipated materials (4 boards and a dozen odd cinder blocks) were purchased for under $40 US and construction was began. I did not measure my grade first but instead tried to "eyeball it" setting my first pier at the spot that seemed highest. Blocks were set on tamped soil and checked for level and correct height using a 4' level.

One error I committed was that I made no plans for support under the short leg of the return loops so I will be making another trip to Lowes for a couple more blocks ($5-$10 worth).

Under the curves the pine was cut to 22.5 degrees on each end and the length of 2 track sections. The boards are "attached" to the track and blocks by gravity and the coefficient of static friction - we shall see if that is enough!

The switches in the forground serve no purpose as I had to use every scrap of rail I had on hand and even then I am stuck with a single main till track comes back in stock this August.


  1. Not sure if you've ever seen a site called bricklink, they'll have straight tracks for sale. and it'll save you ending up with a stack of curves too...

  2. Thanks James, but starting at $2.35 a section means Lego 7896 is cheaper even if I throw away the curves! There are MANY bits that I do buy of Bricklink but as for track, my patience is holding firm. (for the moment!)